Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Shilpa Shinde: Hina Khan Is Jealous Of My Open Closet

In the Bigg Boss house, the contestants are only seen fighting, making controversies or pulling each other’s hair, leg or dignity apart. The drama intensifies with each passing day. With the intense drama and constant fights, Bigg Boss 11 has been making headlines and tops the TRP charts. While yesterday we saw a beautiful side of the Bigg Boss contestants, where most of the housemates had sacrificed their precious possession to save their friends from being nominated this week, today they are back to being what they are.

Like we had said before, Hina Khan is always seen either picking up fights, instigating someone to fight or crying in front of the camera to seek sympathy votes. Well, for a change, this time Hina has made someone else cry. Yes, Shilpa Shinde will burst into tears after Hina complains that Shilpa keeps the kitchen area dirty, but don’t worry, Arshi Khan will console Shilpa and tell her that the two of them will teach Hina a lesson.=

In tonight’s episode, we will see Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde bitching about Hina Khan. Shilpa tells Arshi that she had once mentioned to Hina about having an open closet at home and Hina, who is yet to create one at her place, was jealous of Shilpa. After Arshi comes to know that Hina had claimed that Shilpa does not keep the kitchen area clean, Arshi said, “Hina is very insecure and calls her a low-class woman. Despite being in the industry, the woman has not learnt any manners.” Arshi goes on to compare Hina with those of the roadside women, who get into fights with people very often. Arshi said, “Hina is as loud and ill-mannered as those women, who stays on the roadside, loves to pick up fights with random people.” Consoling Shilpa, Arshi further added, “We are each other’s strength and we both will show her the rightful place.”


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