5 Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Loving Arshi Khan In Bigg Boss Season 11!

We are already in the 8th week of the most watched reality show, Bigg Boss season 11. The contestants are creating quite the havoc inside the Bigg Boss house, continuously. Though everyone is making a lot of efforts to make themselves the favorite of the audience watching the show. Some of the contestants have even undergone a change of personality and behavior for the same, though some have also inevitably shed their fake attitude and showed their real selves. Although, here’s one contestant whose transformation has made us go from hating her to enjoying and loving her presence on the camera. Yet, she is the least talked about!

We are talking about none other than Arshi Khan, the one who has transformed herself into a different personality altogether, albeit for the show and its audience still she has definitely won quite the hearts from her sweet ‘nok-jhok’ with co-contestant Hiten Tejwani to her always being able to correctly put Hina Khan in her place! Well, if we can openly talk about her past controversies and dirty, filthy language then we should definitely talk about her cool comebacks towards Hina Khan and her superb screen presence in the show without her past habit of using foul language.

Well, if you still don’t believe me, here’s five reasons why we should definitely praise Arshi Khan and her drastic transformation:

1) Her ‘Dramaqueen’ Behavior: Arshi Khan is a certified drama queen. It was quite annoying at first, but after a few week’s time, it actually is her real personality that we have come to associate ourselves too, it is quite entertaining now than annoying or irritating to be honest.

2) Her sweet and spicy ‘nok-jhok’ with Hiten: Really, one would think just how desperate is Arshi Khan, that she is flirting with a married man. But many times in the earlier episodes Arshi has always made it clear in all seriousness that it’s all for show and entertainment. She never actually means any of things she says to Hiten, moreover respects the man a lot and always maintains a safe distance from him, unlike some people inside the house. But their communication is the best on the show, with Hiten’s little indirect comebacks at Arshi’s flirtatious comments are the best. What’s more! The girl never takes it to the heart and moves on doing the same thing again!

3) Her ‘besharami’ is the best match to Hina’s ‘hypocrisy’: How can Hina Khan comment on Arshi’s nighties when she herself does a lot of skinshow on the national television daily, with her ‘high class’ fashion. Well, atleast Arshi Khan is real and absolutely original on the show, whereas Hina Khan’s hypocrisy is as stale as her one shade character on her eight year long TV serial. Not to forget, Arshi Khan always has creative ways to put Hina Khan and her hypocrisy in their right place and now she doesn’t even needs foul language to do so. We definitely love this spicy tug of war!

4) Her role in bringing Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta together: Arshi Khan is a friend to both Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. She may have flipped from one side to another but she has always talked good about them even behind their backs. She understands both Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde and the relationship in-between the two. Arshi, maybe for her own reasons, has always tried to make amends in-between the two as well. Now, her efforts have payed off. She can only be loyal to these two contestants and it shows from her attitude towards them both!

5) Her ‘Alfaz’ and her humor, they either make one go weak at the knees or into fits of laughter: In earlier episodes we hated Arshi Khan for her very foul language, but after being informed just how negatively she was portraying herself on the show to the audience. Arshi Khan went through a drastic change, some of that can be credited to her loyal friend, Shilpa Shinde. All efforts have payed off because now we can’t stop loving Arshi Khan’s ‘alfaz’. Her use of the urdu language and making it sound so sizzling can definitely make one go weak at the knees, even Kapil Sharma has recently confirmed this. Let’s not forget that her sense of humor is the best in the show, with her little sarcastic comebacks at anyone inside the house or the way how she cracks her one liners inside the show, is daily recipe of laughter for us.

Arshi Khan has definitely changed for the better from being someone we just couldn’t stand to being someone we want to see on the show. Arshi has proved herself to be very entertaining and exactly what a show like Bigg Boss needed. We are definitely happy with her journey up until now!


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