Watch Video: Tamil film director releases Avantika Gaokar’s nude MMS on YouTube

After making vulgar and threatening  phone calls to actress Avantika Gaokar,  threatening to kill her,  a small-time Tamil director and producer Rameshnath Venkat Rao released a nude mms which he claimed was that of Gaokar. The 22-second video clip was uploaded on YouTube around  midnight on Sunday, but was deleted within hours after viewers reported it, Gaokar’s manager revealed, adding that the mms clip was doctored and fake.

After Gaokar had exposed Rao’s nude pics racket and also filed a police complaint against him, Rao who has since fled to Sri Lanka threatened to release the nude mms clip.  The images can be seen here.

As reported earlier, Avantika Gaokar’s manager has filed a police complaint against film director Rameshnath Venkat Rao who is based in Chennai, but has fled to  Sri Lanka, after the director tried to avoid and ignore her and did not come up with any satisfactory explanation for the alleged leak of her uncensored, unedited nude images which were shot for a look test for an international web series.

In the written police complaint, the actress and her manager have alleged that her ‘nude’ images were fraudulently procured by promising work in an international webseries which never existed in the first place.

Avantika Gaokar in her complaint has stated that the director knowingly sold the private images to a media outlet and website, which were the first to publish the images.

According to Avantika Gaokar’s manager and publicist, the nude images which have now gone viral on the internet were shot by a mobile phone camera by director and producer Rameshnath Venkat Rao during a look test.

Rao told me that the images were required by a Hollywood director whom I met only once through him for a web series on Netflix. The images were totally private and I told him very clearly that the images must be immediately deleted after they were shown to the Hollywood director. I am totally shocked and surprised that they have suddenly come out into the public domain, Gaokar said.

In fact, Hollywood director Jazon Fernandez whose name has got dragged into this matter, clarified that they never ask for nude pics. “We do not take any auditions via Skype or ask for nude pics or such bold videos. Candidates and artistes are short-listed based on normal images only. If they are short-listed, we fly down to the concerned place and do a proper, professional audition. Some Indian directors are misrepresenting us and demanding nude pics from female models. We are not at all connected to such fake directors,” Fernandez said.

Rao tried to first sell my nude photos to a prominent Mumbai tabloid,  but when that didn’t work out he sold the pics to a website He showed the website a fake authority letter which claimed he had the rights to use or sell the images. My signature on that form/letter is fake, said Avantika Gaokar.

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