Updated: Pandurang Madkaikar may possibly never walk again on his own, did overdose of potency-enhancing pills cause deadly stroke?


Goa Power Minister Pandurang Madkaikar may possibly never be able to walk again on his own, due to severe brain damage resulting in complete paralysis of one side of his body, claim experts from the Hospital where he was admitted.

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According to a Herald report, Madkaikar suffered a massive brain stroke when he was in Mumbai on 5th June, reportedly for a medical checkup.

He was operated at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hosptial to remove blood clots from his brain and since then was in ICU on a ventilator as he could not breathe on his own.

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He was being fed via tubes, but is slowly recovering say doctors, according to a report last month.

Newspaper cutting of an article posted on Goa Speaks – a popular Facebook Group

Doctors at the hospital claim that Madkaikar could have possibly consumed some ‘medication’ or ‘drugs’ in his hotel room that could have triggered the massive stroke.

He was fit and healthy and used to spend two hours daily in the gym. It is very possible that he consumed something either the same day or a day before that caused the blood clots and triggered the massive brain stroke, opine neurosurgeons in Mumbai. Maybe he was taking some health or protein supplements,  or energy drinks or such similar ‘medication’ – that fitness freaks are known to indulge in –  and which may be ‘expired’ or maybe beyond the usability date, which caused the sudden brain stroke. Alternatively, a combination of medication could have had the deadly effect.

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While we cannot say with 100 per cent certainty what product or medicine was exactly consumed, one thing is certain is that Madkaikar voluntarily consumed either one substance or product or a combination of substances or products that triggered the stroke. The Goa government is totally tight-lipped on this subject, citing personal privacy and is not willing to reveal what substance caused the stroke.

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However, some Goans have a different take on the issue. According to articles published in local Goan media, Madkaikar consumed a huge overdose of a potency or virility enhancing product, which caused the stroke.

Others have claimed on social media that several herbal or ayurvedic concoctions to increase virility and sexual performance were consumed in haste causing the stroke.

Some Goans, including social activists and an advocate have taken to social media to allege that Madkaikar consumed several pills of locally manufactured generic sildenafil citrate or Viagra or a combination of different locally manufactured generic sildenafil citrate products, which were either adulterated or spurious or fake which triggered the stroke.  

IndiaScoops.com has not been able to independently verify these allegations or local Goan media reports appearing both in the online and print media and does not endorse or confirm the same. We have only re-stated in this post, what has become popular or viral hearsay on social media. One such local media report states:

According to an article published by Adv Aires Rodrigues on the website Niz Goenkar: “the stroke that Madkaikar suffered at a Mumbai hotel on the evening of 5th June was on account of an over dose of a potency enhancing substance (sex pills) he hurriedly and rashly consumed while on that sudden sex outing in Mumbai.

Aires Rodrigues has alleged in the above article (the allegations have not been independently verified by IndiaScoops.com) that Madkaikar was accompanied and escorted by his own niece in the hotel where he suffered the stroke, claims Rodrigues in his article.

Another unconfirmed and unverified report, possibly based on hearsay claims Madkaikar availed the services of a professional escort and hence the alleged consumption of potency or virility-enhancing products took place.

Clarification by the government on the cause of the stroke will put to rest such unverified reports appearing in the online media, based on rumour or hearsay, but the Goa government for reasons best known to itself has not issued a public health bulletin for the last two months.

Other sources told IndiaScoops.com that a well-known Marathi model and actress had also visited Madkaikar in his hotel room on that fateful day/evening. The same gossip has been repeated over the last two months on social media by prominent Goans, but we are unable to confirm it.

Madkaikar had met some people in Mumbai. He had visitors in his hotel room. Possibly they consumed alcohol and it could have reacted with other medication that he was taking, said another doctor, who spoke to IndiaScoops.com.

The Goa government has been extremely tight-lipped on the medical condition of Madkaikar. In spite of it being almost two months now, the government has not yet issued any official bulletin.

Goans are wondering who is paying for his treatment and hospital bills which would have run in a few crore by now.


Disclaimer: IndiaScoops.com does not endorse or take any responsibility for allegations and claims made by third parties. The opinions and claims republished herein of third parties are not necessarily those of IndiaScoops.com or its editorial team and we have clearly stated that such claims are unverified. We have only republished popular or viral hearsay or posts which have gone viral on social media or local reports published by prominent Goans.

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