Sakshi Maharaj Dares Rahul Gandhi To Challenge Him In 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

UTTAR PRADESH: BJP Member of Parliament Sakshi Maharaj has dared Congress president Rahul Gandhi to contest the 2019 Lok Sabha polls against him, saying he will leave politics if he defeats him.

“I challenge Rahul Gandhi to contest the 2019 general elections against me (from Unnao). I will leave politics if he wins, but if he loses, he should leave (India) for Italy,” the BJP lawmaker told reporters on Sunday.

The Unnao lawmaker also attacked Mr Gandhi for undertaking Mansarovar Yatra in early September this year, allegedly without maintaining “purity”.

“We are not opposing his yatra. Why will the BJP do so? But it is written in ‘shastra’ (scriptures) that purity is needed for such yatras (pilgrimage). He should have become pure before doing the yatra. No one enters a temple without (maintaining) purity. Darshan is not justified after having non-veg food,” said Sakshi Maharaj.

“He sometimes wears ‘topi’ (skull cap) and then becomes ‘Shiv Bhakt'”, he said taking a dig at Mr Gandhi.

The BJP lawmaker said he would welcome if Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav builds a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in Saifai (Etawah).

On whether Ram temple will be a poll issue in the 2019 polls, Sakshi Maharaj said “As of now the issue is ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’ but in ‘yudh’ (war), the issue depends on situation.”

The BJP lawmaker also claimed the opposition’s fear of defeat from the BJP is the reason behind their efforts to forge a pre-poll alliance.

“The opposition is afraid of the BJP and that is why they are talking of grand alliance,” he added.

Source: PTI

Supreme leader’s minions tried to silence media reporting on Rafale: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday alleged that “minions” of the “Supreme Leader” were trying to silence those reporting on the Rafale scam and threats, blackouts, sackings and advertising cuts were taking place to prevent the truth from being told, reports PTI.

He also lauded ABP News for exposing the modus operandi of the “minions”.

“The Supreme Leader’s minions have been trying to silence those reporting on Rafale Scam. Thanks to ABP News, the MODUS OPERANDI of the minions is in the open.

“Threats. Channel Blackouts. Sackings. Advertising cuts. Anything to prevent the truth being told. Satyamev Jayate,” he said on Twitter.

Gandhi had raised the issue of the Rafale fighter aircraft deal during his address at the Congress Parliamentary Party meeting in the morning as well.

Dubbing the Rafale deal “corruption of the century”, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power on the claim that he would wipe out corruption in the country and provide a very clean government.

But the Rafale scam, involving over Rs 1.3 lakh crore of public money, “designed to bail out debt-ridden corporate cronies of Modiji is symbolic of the true ‘sanskar’ of this government ‘Raam Naam Japna, Paraya Maal Apna’,” he told Congress MPs.

Gandhi had earlier, too, taken a swipe at Modi, saying his “minions” were threatening journalists not to report on the “Rafale Scam”.

The Congress chief also lauded media persons who have the guts to defend the truth and stand up to “Mr 56”.

“I’m really proud of the few brave press people who still have the guts to defend the truth and stand up to Mr 56,” he had said in a tweet.

Gandhi’s dig at Modi came over his “56-inch chest” remark made during the last Lok Sabha elections to tackle Pakistan and China.

Gandhi and his Congress party have been attacking the government on the Rafale issue, alleging corruption in the fighter aircraft deal and thus a scam.

Source: PTI

At BJP Karyakarta Melava in Goa, Parrikar wants party workers to approach minorities with positivity

PANAJI: Chief minister Manohar Parrikar blamed the Congress for issues being faced in Goa and said that the BJP will “have to undo the misdeeds” of Congress.

Speaking at the BJP Karyakarta Melava on Monday, Parrikar said that the Regional Plan was notified by Congress, casino boats brought in by Congress while permission to increase coal handling was also given by Congress. “We have to undo their misdeeds,” the chief minister said.

Addressing over 1,000 BJP karyakartas from across the state, Parrikar appealed to BJP ‘karyakartas’ (workers) to approach people with positivity to win both the Lok Sabha seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Parrikar said that the minorities are being instigated and the BJP must approach the minorities.

He also said that the practice of ‘triple talak’ was inhuman and even the Supreme Court has passed strictures against it. Parrikar said that he would try to start visiting villages with karyakartas after the monsoon.

The chief minister spoke on all major issues in the state including misinformation spread by opposition, creation of jobs, and the government seeking how to tackle evil factors that have come along with the increase in tourism.

Parrikar said that over the last six years, the IT sector in Goa has generated around 2,500 to 3,000 jobs in the state and around 270 IT companies are working in the state. “Goans have been going for jobs to Pune and Bengaluru. They may go to Pune and Bengaluru, but around 270 IT sector companies are operating in the state now,” he said.

He also said that around 49 companies have started functioning in the state and they have received approvals from the investment promotion board. “They have employed around 2,780 persons. Under various schemes of the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), around 1,000 persons have been able to get employed,” he said.

The chief minister said that due to the industrial and IT policy, around 4,000-5000 jobs will be generated in the private sector by next December. He also said that over the last five years in the tourism sector, the tourist inflow has increased from 27 lakh to 80 lakh.

“If there is a jump from 27 lakh to 80 lakh, then definitely jobs have been generated. Around 8,000 to 10,000 jobs must have been generated. Hotels’ capacity has doubled, while occupancy in hotels have tripled. Some evil factors have come in and the government is looking how to control it,” Parrikar said.

“The government has also started an exercise to recruit for government departments and by August to September, the government will release advertisements to recruit around 1,000 to 1,200 people in government departments,” he added.

The chief minister further said that during elections, a lot of misinformation would be spread and BJP karyakartas should become active to counter this.

The permission to allow handling of coal at Mormugao Port Trust was also given by the Congress party,” Parrikar said adding that defaulters like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi were given bank loans during the tenure of the Congress.

“The NPAs are created in the country because of the wrongdoings of the then Congress government at the Centre, which are being sorted out by the current (BJP) government,” he said.

Referring to the surgical strike operation of September 2016, Parrikar said, “When we did the surgical strike, the Opposition parties said that they never happened. I would have taken the Opposition party on the surgical strike. I would have told the Army to take Rahul Gandhi and do the surgical strike”.

“If you want to do a surgical strike, then the most important thing is secrecy. Only four people were knowing about the strike including the prime minister, me, the Army chief and the director general of military operations besides Army’s Zone Commander and the Commander in Srinagar,” he said.

The Army had reported on September 29, 2016, eleven days after the Uri attack that claimed 18 jawans, that it had conducted surgical strikes against suspected militant launch pads in the Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir.

Source: Times of India, New Indian Express