After Priyank and Sapna, Arshi Khan’s publicist Flynn Remedios sues Gehana Vasisth for Rs 1 crore

Arshi Khan has been making news for all the wrong reasons, and not only in the house but outside too she is quite a discussion. While many reports have been doing rounds, one such report stated that Arshi is married to a 50-year-old-man. And as per reports on an online portal South actress Gehana Vasisth who has been spilling many beans about Bigg Boss 11 contestants, told the portal that Arshi’s 50-year-old-husband is actually a bookie and that she is not doing all this for publicity.

Now as this news spread like wildfire, Arshi Publicist Flynn Remedios has sued Gehana for Rs 1 crore. Reports on another online portal state that Gehana has been sued for making scandalous and defamatory statements. In fact, in one of her statement, Arshi’s publicist has said, “I have been reading statements and articles based on interviews given by Gehana Vasisth concerning the private life of my client Arshi Khan. I had kept quiet till now because when a show like Bigg Boss is on, everyone jumps into the bandwagon. I wish to clarify that I used to handle Gehana Vasisth’s PR 3-4 years ago, but I am not handling her media activity now. Her PR is handled by one Suresh Shetty and I have nothing to do with the statements made by Gehana Vasisth. On behalf of Arshi Khan who is currently in the Bigg Boss house, I have issued instructions to our lawyers who are suing Gehana Vasisth for Rs 1 crore for making false, incorrect and highly defamatory statements against Arshi Khan.”

Flynn had earlier also filed an FIR against Priyank Sharma, Sapna Choudhary, Bigg Boss Makers and the Channel after Priyank brought up the Goa-Pune scandal and Sapna taunted Arshi about the same on national television. Flynn also clarified that Arshi was never arrested or detained in. “He must learn that being in the Bigg Boss house does not make him God. The law of the land applies to everyone and even to Bigg Boss inmates. I am suing him under section 354, 500 and section 509 of the Indian Penal Code,” Flynn said in a statement issued against Priyank.Now we want to see how Gehana deals with this Rs 1 crore case being slammed at her.

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Bigg Boss 11: Has Arshi Khan been eliminated?

This is quite surprising. Till yesterday, a lot of fans wanted Akash Dadlani or Puneesh Sharma to get eliminated from Bigg Boss 11, but according to media reports,  it’s Arshi Khan, who has been shown the exit door.

However there is a twist. No, she has not been sent to the secret room. Instead, according to a report on BollywoodLife, she got a special power wherein she was asked to save two contestants from the next nominations.

As of now, we don’t know who got saved by Arshi, but with just two weeks to go for the finale of Bigg Boss 11, it was definitely something very important.

This time there were no nominations as the housemates decided to go against the rules of the show and started discussing the nominations before the process could take place. They were using code words for contestants while planning whom to nominate, which was definitely quite stupid of them. So it was, Bigg Boss sassed them first and nominated all of them directly, except Hina Khan, who was not involved in these discussions.

So Priyank Sharma, Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan, Puneesh Sharma, Luv Tyagi and Akash Dadlani were nominated.

Arshi embarrasses Vikas Gupta in Bigg Boss 11 house by asking him a dirty question, claims her father found condoms in her cupboard

Inside the Bigg Boss mansion, the contestants at times tend to forget  However, there are some actions and words of contestants that are not appropriate for the makers to telecast on TV. There was one such scene where Arshi Khan was seen using words that would otherwise be unfit to be said on national TV and that was so embarassment.

This conversation of Arshi Khan with Vikas Gupta was recorded and shown in an unseen VOOT video of Bigg Boss 11.

In the unseen voot video, Arshi Khan is seen chilling out on a couch and Luv Tyagi, Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma are all sitting around her. Suddenly, Arshi Khan uses a Hindi term, that when translated has an adult twist to it. She asks Vikas Gupta, “do want to eat it?” No sooner does she say this, Vikas Gupta, Luv and Priyank laugh out loud. Vikas tells Arshi that why is she scandalizing him. What Arshi Khan was asking Vikas is, if he wanted to have Viagra?

When Arshi Khan got caught by her father with condoms in the cupboard?

Recently, she revealed how one day her father came to her flat in Mumbai for a surprise visit from Bhopal and found condoms in her cupboard. She also said that her father was very mad at her, but she managed to convince him that her room-mate who was staying with her for a few days  was responsible for this and she had nothing to do with the condoms as they belonged to her room-mate and she was not aware as to what was in the packet which was in a brown paper bag.

In fact, actress Mahima Puri Singh who claims she was Arshi Khan’s flatmate for a short while has confirmed this story and said that not once but at least 3 times over the last 3 years, Arshi Khan got caught by her family members with condoms in her bedroom or in her cupboard.

Arshi repeats the same thing again and annoyed Vikas Gupta gets up from the couch and starts to hit her with the pillow. Vikas keeps hitting her with the pillow and tells that how she talks rubbish on national television.

Priyank then asks Vikas Gupta the meaning of what Arshi said. To which Vikas replied, “its Hindi meaning of English word ‘Via*ra.’

As soon as Priyank gets to know, he goes to Arshi and tells if she has lost her mind. They all laugh at Arshi’s this act. Vikas then tells Arshi to do all this nonsense talk with Luv Tyagi as he is bugs bunny and tortoise of the house.

Arshi then makes another huge revelation that she likes horses and not small tortoises!

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When Arshi Khan got caught red-handed by her father with condoms in the cupboard?

Recently, Arshi Khan revealed how one day her father came to her flat in Mumbai for a surprise visit from Bhopal and found condoms in her cupboard. She also said that her father was very mad at her, but she managed to convince him that her room-mate who was staying with her for a few days  was responsible for this and she had nothing to do with the condoms as they belonged to her room-mate and she was not aware as to what was in the packet which was in a brown paper bag.

In fact, actress Mahima Puri Singh who claims she was Arshi Khan’s flatmate for a short while has confirmed this story and said that not once but at least 3 times over the last 3 years, Arshi Khan got caught by her family members with condoms in her bedroom or in her cupboard.

On two ocassions, it was her father who found them, which ensued in a big fight. Her father did not speak to her for nearly two months after this incident, Mahima Singh Puri reveals.

Bigg Boss 11: Hina punches Vikas during the luxury budget task

There have been so many issues inside the Colors’ Bigg Boss mansion, people have talked bad behind the back, there have been backstabbing and politics. And one thing that has always been there underlining everything that has been happening in between the team members is competition. The competition to be a part of the show no matter what.

We have already seen how each and every member is giving his/her best to win the show. But today we will see how the task will turn ugly due to Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan‘s physical fight.

This week for the luxury budget task, the BB house has been converted into a poultry farm. A hen, after certain intervals of time, will lay golden eggs which will have a contestant’s image on it. For succeeding in the task, the house members need to throw at least four eggs into the pool. Also, whoever’s egg is thrown, will lose the contendership for this week’s captaincy task.

For the same, today we will see everyone trying to protect the eggs of the contestants of their choice. While Vikas will try to protect Arshi Khan’s egg, Hina will try her best to throw it away. And while doing so, they will indulge into an actual physical fight. In the sneak peek shared by the makers of the show, we can even hear Vikas saying that the TV actress is punching people!

While both of them tug the egg hard, it even breaks.

However, Hina Khan is the only contestant who is safe from the evictions this week. all the other contestants have been nominated. so who do you think will be evicted from the house this weekend?

Bigg Boss 11’s Arshi Khan 2nd Most Searched on Google; Sunny Leone comes 1st

The popularity of Arshi Khan, the self-proclaimed seduction queen of Bigg Boss 11, has been soaring with each passing day. Before entering the reality show, she made news either with her controversies (claiming to be pregnant with Shahid Afridi’s child) or sensational videos/photoshoots (like stripping for the Indian team).

The truth is, she is one of the most searched entertainers in India, even more than fellow contestants Shilpa Shinde, Sapna Shaudhary and Bandagi Kalra. Don’t believe us? We have proof.

Arshi Khan has featured on the second spot in Google India’s Most searched Entertainers list, with Sunny Leone topping the list. After Arshi, it is Sapna Chaudhary (3) who Indians searched for the most in 2017. Seventh spot is occupied by Bigg Boss 11’s Maa Shilpa Shinde, while Bandagi Kalra is on No. 8 position, thanks to her steamy affair with fellow contestant Puneesh Sharma in the BB 11 house.

Kapil Sharma is conspicuous by his absence in the list, while his former TKSS member Sunil Grover occupied the sixth position. Perils of picking fight with a co-worker?

Vidya Vox (4), Disha Patani (5), Sagarika Ghatge (9) and Rana Daggubati (10) were also in the Top 10 list of most-searched entertainers in India.

Ex-flatmate Mahima Singh Puri claims Arshi Khan drinks like a fish! Do you believe her?

Reacting to a report on TellyChakkar,  that Arshi Khan was longing for booze in the Bigg Boss house, her former flat mate and controversial Tamil item girl and Bhojpuri actress Mahima Singh Puri said that Arshi Khan can drink like a fish and yet not get drunk. “Arshi Khan can hold her drinks very well and during parties, while all her friends get drunk, Arshi stays quite sober in spite of having 2-3 pegs,” revealed Mahima Singh Puri.

According to a Tellychakkar report, Arshi Khan asked Hiten for booze in the Bigg Boss house as she was wanting to have a peg. She also wanted Shilpa to make some spicy food to have with her peg, Tellychakkar reported.


According to a Bollywoodlife story in an unseen video that was published on Voot Arshi, Vikas Gupta, Hiten Tejwani, Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma are having a good laugh over Luv’s funny actions. It is during this point in time, Arshi asks Vikas, who is the captain of the house to arrange one “peg” for her. She tells him that she will do a “tamashaa” after having just two gulps of alcohol.

Hina Khan, who is also in the room asks everyone if there is alcohol available in the powder form. Arshi immediately says if there was she would have two spoons in the morning everyday.


She adds that she would do “tamashaa” all day after having that. Hiten then says that she should pretend that she has had alcohol now and do the tamashaa. She takes a little offense and asks him what is he trying to say. But he replies by saying that he didn’t take anyone’s name and made a generic statement.

Well, Arshi is longing for liquor, but she won’t get it inside the Bigg Boss house. So she will have to wait till the day she comes out says Bollywoodlife.


But, Mahima Singh Puri had earlier revealed that booze is freely served to inmates in the Bigg Boss house who prefer to have a drink or two.

Arshi Khan is very fond of chicken tikka or fish tikka and loves to have it with a peg or two, Mahima Singh Puri revealed.

Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan Demands Alcohol In The House

Bigg Boss 11 contestants enjoy three months journey inside this controversial house amid all fights, drama and what not. It’s quite a big deal to stay away from family and friends without any connection to the outside world. Nevertheless, the contestants enjoy every luxurious item in the house. From lavish house stay to food, the housemates earn their luxury every week.

Besides getting basic food items, which includes dry fruits as well, the contestants also get cigarettes whenever demanded. In the unseen video on Voot, Priyank Sharma, Hiten Tejwani, Arshi Khan and Luv Tyagi are seen talking about their increasing consumption of cigarettes.

Priyank Sharma shares that how Luv Tyagi wants to leave cigarettes. That’s when Puneesh Sharma and Arshi Khan intervene saying that after coming to Bigg Boss 11 house, even their smoking consumption has increased. Arshi says that she has started smoking three while Puneesh says he does around 3-4 in a day.

Priyank then tells that how Bigg Boss should not send cigarettes for Luv Tyagi as he wants to quit this habit. Hiten Tejwani also helps Luv saying that how he would force him to smoke so that he would stop in guilty.

Amid their discussion, Arshi suddenly demands alcohol from Bigg Boss. That’s not all; she also asks Shilpa Shinde to cook something spicy that she can enjoy with her one peg drink. However, everything was imaginary.

Hiten then tells that what if Bigg Boss sends alcohol from the RO water purifier for them. Puneesh Sharma enjoys the conversation and sings the song, ”do peg maar aur bhulja.”

Looks like Bigg Boss 11 contestants are really missing their friends and parties!

Police ordered to enter Bigg Boss house and arrest Arshi Khan as second NBW issued by Jalandar Court

A Jalandar magistrate’s court has ordered the police to enter the Bigg Boss house on the sets of Bigg Boss at Lonavla and arrest model and actress Arshi Khan for not attending court proceedings tor the last 4 months. Controversial model and actress Mahima Singh Puri who rose to fame after her nude images were leaked had tweeted the news two days ago: Here is her tweet:

Arshi Khan’s manager Flynn Remedios was not available for comment.

According to Mahima Singh Puri, a criminal case was filed against Arshi Khan in April this year for painting the Indian and Pakistani flags on her bare body. The complainant who is a lawyer had alleged in his complaint that Arshi Khan was trying to create enmity between communities by painting the Pakistani flag on her boobs and crotch.

Earlier, during the World Cup when India played Pakistan at Kolkatta, Arshi Khan had painted the Indian flag on her bare back.

Controversies do not seem to end for Mahima Singh Puri. After she recently accused a director of trying to molest her, she landed into another legal tangle when she said arrested Beyhadh actor Piyush Sahdev was hitting on her and even abused her and pushed her on the sets of a Tv serial, where she was doing a small role.

Mahima Singh Puri’s also alleged that leaked private images were shot by a mobile phone camera by Bhojpuri director Ram Singh Gupta during a look test, but he did not use them as intended and instead shared them on his Facebook page.

Now, Mahima Singh Puri has run into yet another controversy. The teaser poster of her Tamil film Love, Sex & Passion had gone viral with uncensored images of Mahima Puri Singh nude which were meant to be edited and censored for the poster also made their appearance online.

No insecurities with Arshi; Hina should have respected Hiten: Gauri Pradhan

Television actress Gauri Pradhan says she is not insecure about Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan flirting with her husband Hiten Tejwani in the show and finds her entertaining instead.

Asked if there is any insecurity when Arshi flirts with Hiten, Gauri told IANS over phone from Mumbai: “No, there is no insecurity. I find her quite entertaining. She is so much younger and I think because of this (flirting) a little bit of fun factor is there in the show. I am sure she is doing this because she is in the game and she doesn’t mean anything.”

Gauri, who married Hiten in 2004, says she has been with him for too long to feel insecure.

Talking about Hiten’s game, she said: “He is playing very well. He is exactly what he’s outside he’s like that inside. There is absolutely no change in him. He is very non-interfering, calm and patient. I think he is doing very well.”

In an episode of Bigg Boss 11, which airs on Colors, contestant Hina Khan called Hiten spineless.

What does Gauri think about that?

“She is much younger than Hiten and not that experienced and has done only one show. She has to see a lot in life. When you are inside, there is a lot of frustration. Nobody to talk to or to vent… She should have respected him,” said the actress.