Priyank Sharma & Vikas Gupta unscrupulous men: Mahima SinghPuri

In a shocking revelation Bhojpuri and Bengali actress Mahima SinghPuri has accused BIgg Boss season 11 contestants Vikas Gupta who is a well known casting director and production head as well as contestant Priyank Sharma of demanding sexual favors in lieu of work.

According to a Tweet from Mahima SinghPuri’s Twitter handle @iMahimaSP the actress tweeted that both Priyank and Vikas are hand-in-glove and use to ask unsuspecting young girls for sexual favors.
SinghPuri who originally hails from Delhi is now based in Mumbai and claims to know Priyank Sharma in and out. She also claims that Priyank is not doing any film with Karan Johar and his over excited and over enthusiastic fans have started sharing fake news, which got into the main stream media due to non verification by Karan Johar.

She claimed that she has been a victim  of the casting couch and the principal accused are Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma.

We wonder how much truth are there in these allegations and we also wonder if Mahima Singh Puri is only making these statements for publicity, but at the same time these are very serious allegations and the culprits must be brought to book if the accusations are true.

What do you say folks. Please share your views and comments below…

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