Piyush Sahdev’s arrest: Beyhadh fame actor was a womaniser

So much for bodily gratification!

TellyChakkar has been constantly breaking stories about failed relationships, sham marriages and hypocritical alliances! There have been so many weddings and engagements in the recent past that have been called off because of the frivolousness involved at times on both the parts!

A few moments ago we exclusively revealed about Beyhadh fame,  Piyush Sahdev who is now behind the bars till 27 November after a complaint being filed against him on 20 November on charges of rape!

The actor who is married to Akangsha Rawat, had earlier spread news about his divorce. TellyChakkar had earlier reported about how Akangsha vented her pent up angst against her husband in an indirect FB post.

The pumped up actor who allegedly is always on the hunt for hot lasses to get it on with, literally found many. For the girls he was a bachelor but for him, it was what it was! So, he just let himself loose.

Real Loose!

A little birdie under the honey’s hat revealed all the details about the case to TellyChakkar, “Piyush got himself romantically involved with the creative person of one of his popular shows and another actress! Well yes, he was two timing them! It was all a game for him and he was enjoying it thoroughly. There was no reason for him not to!

His virility made sure he got all the pleasure he could from the two girls! In a bid to do just that, he took the actress in question for a long and dirty vacation, where the two had some really intimate moments. The actress in question started to take a liking towards him absolutely unaware of his untoward intentions.”

Poor thing!

“When the couple came back to town after their shenanigans, gratified as he was in every way, he thought it is now better to do away with what was left of her! So, he started to avoid her! This avoidance was growing on the girl and she could take it no more. That is when she confronted Piyush and warned him, if he would continue to ignore her, she would file a complaint with the police! Needless to say, this didn’t go down well with the Beyhadh lad. He was a TV star, how could some measly actress chide him let alone warning him of dire consequences! It got to his ego. He threatened her saying if she would even think of doing anything of that sort, he would leak all the images he had of her on social media.”

 That was not the be all and end all. It could not just end there…

Turns out, it was not just a mere threat. The source continues saying, “A few days later, there were intimate photos of the actress floating around in the social media among his friends.”

What’s interesting is, Piyush had earlier registered a case about his Facebook account getting hacked. In his statement to the media he said, “From last night, my friends and others are receiving abusive messages from my social media account. I have lost accessibility of my Facebook account. It has been hacked. However, I have reported the problem.” He further stated that “My e-mail account is also not under my accessibility. I hope it doesn’t get misused.”

However, the little birdie informed us, “He did it to cover his actions so that no one would raise fingers on him. This move would shield him. After that, a manipulating Piyush leaked all the pictures to some of his friends in his Facebook account.”

Doesn’t that sound like a scene that’s right out of a dramatic film?

The rest for sure by now is history!


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