PICS: More Mahima Singh Puri Nude Film Poster Pics Leaked?

After actress Mahima Singh Puri raise a hue and a cry about the unauthorized leak of her nude images, today more pics seemed to have leaked on the internet. A source says that there are at least 2 more similar (but in slightly different poses) of the steamy actress which are circulating on WhatsApp groups and on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Mahima Singh Puri is all set to file an FIR tomorrow in Chennai. Her PR and manager Suresh Shetty confirmed today that a written complaint has already been submitted to the police who have called Mahima Singh Puri personally to the women’s police station to record her statement.

After uncensored, unedited nude pics from a poster shoot for a Tamil film leaked 3-4 days ago, the aggrieved actress Mahima Singh Puri sought an explanation from the film director. However, even after 48 hours, no explanation was forthcoming and Mahima Singh Puri who is currently shooting in Pondicherry claimed that the director was avoiding her phone calls and messages. He had promised to look into the matter two days ago, but till now he has not even bothered to send me one message or make one telephone call, even 48 hours later and it seems to me that he is avoiding me because he has no answers, Mahima said.

Mahima Singh Puri has now approached the Chennai police for help in tracking the source of the leaked images. She will register an FIR tomorrow in the case and a written complaint has already been submitted to the Chennai police who have called Mahima Singh Puri to record her statement.


Meanwhile, Mahima Singh Puri today issued a media statement regarding leaked nude pics:

“The leaked image is genuine and not fake as claimed by some. I will not deny it. But the fact is that I only shot the photos on the express condition that it would be censored and edited. In fact, I am very upset with the director and the production team that the raw image has leaked like this. They showed me the edited poster with the censored image covering my butt and I approved it,” she said.

“What has leaked is the full length raw, nude image which clearly shows my naked bum. This is so shameful. Even my family and my parents are very upset about it. In fact, someone told me that the team is responsible and they have done it on purpose in order to get publicity for the film. I have made my displeasure known to the director and he has promised to look into the matter. In case I am not satisfied with the director’s reply and investigation into the leak of the uncensored full nude image, I will take legal action.

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