Mumbai model Razia Nair Rao accuses Panvel bizman of molestation


Mumbai: A local BJP leader from Panvel who is also a developer and builder has been accused for allegedly molesting and sexually assaulting a Mumbai-based woman while she was attached with a fashion institute run by him, police sources told

The alleged accused is also a Tv actor and has been doing roles in Tv serials for the last two years. The police have with-held the name of the accused as investigations are still going on.

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In her complaint, the 23-year-old victim has alleged that the businessman molested and physically abused her on several occasions on the pretext of marriage, while she was working at the institute as a student-cum-trainee fashion designer.

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The victim who is a professional Indian classical singer Razia Nair Rao spoke to media persons in Mumbai on Tuesday, saying that she was not afraid of the politician and didn’t want to hide her face or name. The accused had earlier leaked the model’s private images (see here) on social media.

“I am not going to hide my identity. I will take him to the cleaners. He promised to marry me for the last 1.5 years, but now he has ditched me, and thrown me out. If the police do not register my complaint, I will protest on the streets,” said the model, who has planned to approach the Maharashtra CM for help.

She also told police that the BJP leader allegedly used to pass remarks at her and threatened her with dire consequences if she told anyone about the assault.

The complainant said she quit her job in July, 2018, due to the continuous assaults and harassment by the politician

The police have recorded the statements of the victim and are in the process of investigating the case and registering an FIR.

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