More raids on in Pune and Aurangabad, after Sanatan Sanstha member and bomb-maker Vaibhav Raut’s arrest, 2 more held in Pune and Palghar


In multiple raids across Maharashtra, the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) on Friday arrested two more people after at least eight country-made bombs along with other explosives and literature were seized from the residence of Vaibhav Raut, a Sanatan Sanstha sympathiser earlier today.

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While Raut has been arrested and is being questioned by police, two others were arrested from Pune and Palghar, reports the Indian Express.

More raids are currently underway in Pune and Aurangabad at the time of going to press, but the police are not revealing any further details.

The police have got several inputs and are following up all the leads.

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All the three arrested accused were brought before the sessions court before being remanded to police custody till August 18.

Under the supervision of a senior IPS-rank officer, an ATS team raided the home of Vaibhav Raut in the wee hours of Friday and searches continued till early morning. Raut is likely to be placed under arrest and produced before a local court, sources told the Indian Express.

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According to further news updates, the court remanded Raut to police custody till August 18.

The explosives have been handed over to the Mumbai Forensic Science Laboratory to ascertain its nature.

“We want to know source of these explosives and how Raut intended to use them and therefore his custodial interrogation is necessary,” said an official requesting anonymity.

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While the right-wing terror outfit denied Raut being an active member, Sanatan Sanstha advocate Sanjeev Punelikar told the press that Raut was acquainted to its member.

“Raut had been externed by the Palghar police in connection with a beef ban case. While he is a Hindutva worker, he isn’t our member. However I doubt the ATS claim of he hoarding explosives,” he said.

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Punelikar added that the outfit will provide Raut legal aid.

After the arrest of far-right extremist Vaibhav Raut, said to be an active member of the Sanatan Sanstha, videos and other evidence has surfaced on social media which shows that Raut was linked not just with the Sanstha, but was closely associated with the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, the Sri Ram Sena and several other far-right extremist Hindutva organisations.

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He was also part of an unnamed secret core group or unit or hit team formed by pulling in hardliners from different Hindutva outfits and trained or tasked to kill and eliminate anti-Hindu voices.

Writer and journalist was one of the victims of this unnamed killer unit. The police suspect that the murders of liberalists Dhabolkar, Pansare and Kulbargi were carried out by the same team.

with inputs from the Indian Express

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