Mahima Singh Puri urges Mumbai Police to take very strict action against serial rapist Piyush Sahdev

Mahima Singh Puri has urged the Mumbai police to take very strict action against rape accused Piyush Sahdev who is currently in the custody of the Versova Police Station. “He is a serial rapist and this is definitely not the first time he has used a woman to satisfy his personal needs and then thrown her out. He tried to do the same to me and when I ignored him, he started abusing me,” Puri told

Upcoming actress Mahima SinghPuri who has been at the receiving end of arrested actor Piyush Sahdev’s arrogance  is also planning to file a separate complaint against him. “People like Sahdev who only use women and then throw them away must be taught a lesson. It is not fair on the women who loved him and gave him her body and soul, without knowing that Sahdev was 2 and 3 timing her.

“I want to meet and speak to the victim and his estranged wife. In fact, I am going to meet the Sr PI of Versova Police Station, Shri Kiran Kale on Monday and will file a written complaint against Piyush Sahdev,” Mahima told an online portal in Mumbai.

“Life has come full circle for Beyhadh actor Piyush Sahdev,” said Bollywood actress Mahima SinghPuri who has alleged that she was also at the receiving end of the actor’s high-handedness. “He was very rude with me, once on the sets of a serial, where I was doing a small role and even abused me with the most filthiest and vulgar words for a small mistake.


“He had even pushed me and told me that I am nothing but a useless slut, who is sleeping with the director for work. I knew  I could have got him arrested at that time for his rash behaviour and vulgar, abusive comments, but I just let matters go, ” said Mahima SinghPuri, speaking to a news channel in Mumbai.

SinghPuri also confided that Sahdev had tried to get close to her initially, but when she turned down his advances, he started behaving very badly and abusively with her.

“Over confident of his looks and style, Sahdev preyed on many women. He was over confident that women will fall for him and he can use them at will and then dump them later on. Even at that time, Sahdev was juggling three women and every one knew about it,” says Mahima SinghPuri.

Television actor Piyush Sahdev was arrested by the Mumbai police on Wednesday, November 22, after a woman filed a complaint accusing him of rape.

 Senior police inspector Kiran Kale of Versova Police Station confirmed the news to Bombay Times saying, “Yes, he has been charged with rape. An FIR was lodged against him on November 20. After investigations, we arrested him on November 22. He was produced in court on the same day and has been sent to police custody till November 27.”

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