Mahima Singh Puri: Bigg Boss secretly providing inmates unlimited booze in an attempt to boost rankings

Controversial Tamil model and actress Mahima Singh Puri while on a shoot in Pondicherry when asked about the ongoing Bigg Boss reality show on Colors said, “Woh log (contestants) joh bhi karte hein, woh sab sharab ke nashe mein hein” (what ever the contestants do is after having a few drinks).
It is a known fact that contestants are provided a few drinks now and then, but Mahima Singh Puri has taken the issue to a different level all-together. She has claimed that the makers of the show, in a deliberate attempt to stir up fights and controversy in the house, have started providing an unlimited source of booze on the sly and behind the scenes to get them to create a ruckus in the house.
Contestants are provided food and drink as per their choice or diet, including protein shakes,etc behind the scenes, but this one is going too far.
Even dramebaaz Gehana Vasisth had recently alleged that some contestants look drunk on the show, but the media did not pick up her quotes at that time. This time, Mahima Singh Puri has directly confronted Bigg Boss on the issue.
We wonder what the makers of Bigg Boss have to say to this. 

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