Kushal Tandon defends co-star Piyush Sahdev on rape charges, but more trouble expected as Mahima Singh Puri to file complaint

If reports are to be believed, Beyhadh star Piyush Sahdev has been pressed with rape charges by a model actress. This report was confirmed by a leading portal when they spoke to someone from the Versova police station – “Yes, it is true. Piyush has been arrested on 22 November under IPC 376 and he won’t be granted bail until 27 November.” A report on the leading portal also revealed his alleged affair. Turns out, Piyush Sahdev was two timing. “Piyush got himself romantically involved with the creative person his popular show and another actress! Well yes, he was two timing them! It was all a game for him and he was enjoying it thoroughly. There was no reason for him not to!” stated a source. While sister Meher Vij of secret superstar wasn’t aware of the rape charges, his other co-star Kushal Tandon believes the case should be investigated thoroughly before jumping to any conclusions because it’s a matter of somebody’s life.

This is a matter of somebody’s life. His career, reputation, family… everything is at stake. I feel this matter needs to be investigated thoroughly. There are so many laws now made for the protection of women and rightly so, but they should not be misused. From what I hear, Piyush was living in with this woman for the last two months. This is not some random person he suddenly met. Nobody knows what transpired between the two. All I can say is that in any such case, we should wait for the police to investigate and the courts to decide, rather than jumping to conclusions about a person’s character.” stated the actor while speaking with BT.

Another report suggests, after the affair went awry, the girl threatened to file a complaint and not let him get away. In response to that, Piyush Sahdev allegedly leaked intimate pics of the woman in question on social media and then pretended that his account was hacked.

But trouble only seems to be mounting for the Beyhadh actor as another model Mahima Singh Puri is also going to file a complaint against him. Mahima Singh Puri has urged the Mumbai police to take very strict action against rape accused Piyush Sahdev who is currently in the custody of the Versova Police Station. “He is a serial rapist and this is definitely not the first time he has used a woman to satisfy his personal needs and then thrown her out. He tried to do the same to me and when I ignored him, he started abusing me, Puri said.

Bhojpuri actress Mahima Singh Puri now came up with some shocking statements against Piyush. She said that the actor had once tried to develop a sexual relationship with her as well, but had become very hostile towards her when she did not entertain his advances.

Mahima even alleged that Piyush was already dating three women at the same time during that period.

“Over confident of his looks and style, Sahdev preyed on many women. He was over confident that women will fall for him and he can use them at will and then dump them later on. Even at that time, Sahdev was juggling three women and everyone knew about it,” Mahima told International Business Times India.

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