Gehana Vasisth goes AWOL, missing from social media for the last 2 days, is she already inside the Bigg Boss secret room?

According to media reports the makers of Bigg Boss will be introducing a wild card entry. And it’s none other than Gehana Vasisth! And in fact, Gehana Vasisth could already be inside a secret room inside the Bigg Boss house, because for the last 3 days Gehana Vasisth is not taking calls or even replying to any messages. Though her phones seem to be on and she is visible on WhatsApp, there seems to be no activity from her side.
She has also gone missing on her social media – Facebook and Twitter accounts and now all her social media accounts are being managed by her PR Suresh Shetty. Gehana Vasisth has already gone missing on social media since the last two days. The leggy lass who would update her Facebook and Twitter even hour is now AWOL.
Does that mean Gehana Vasisth is already inside Bigg Boss?

For those whho came in late, Gehana Vasisth is the same girl who lashed out at Arshi Khan on a TV channel and said that Arshi is married to a 50-year-old man. Referring to Arshi Khan she even told Dainik Bhaskar: ‘Yeh 5000 Rs  mein bikti hein”

That’s not all, she further said, “Anything and everything Arshi said about herself — age, qualification or relationship with Afridi is nothing but ‘false’. She has 10 criminal cases pending against her.”

“Since I am also from Bhopal, from where Arshi Khan comes from, I can tell you that Arshi Khan is over 32 years old, but she has claimed to be only 27 years of age. She has reduced her age by over 5 years, because I happen to know her from her school days. She has also faked her educational qualifications while applying for Bigg Boss 11 and I have proof of the same. I wonder how the channel and the makers of Bigg Boss have selected such a contestant who has been faking all her life. Forget about having sex with Afridi, Arshi Khan has never met him face to face or even spoken to him on the phone even once in her life time,” she had added in interviews to several portals,

Gehana also claimed that Bandagi Kalra is married and now seperated. She was the first to reveal that Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde might get married on the show and that Vikas and Shilpa even had a physical relationship in the past.

Priyank Sharma has a sexual molestation case pending against him in Delhi and is 2 or 3 timing his girlfriend Divya Agarwal, Gehana has openly alleged on Tv.

She made several more allegations against the housemates and will now come face to face with them and will have to make these allegations on their face. Lets see if Gehana turns the entire house upside down or will she chicken out?

This is a very clever ploy on part of Colors to bring Gehana Vasisth face to face with the rest of the contestants and make them face her allegations head on. Looks like Bigg Boss 11 is all set to explode in the coming days. We are all waiting for Gehana Vasisth to set fire to the entire house.

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