Gehana Vasisth alleges Bigg Boss Season 11 participant Priyank Sharma is a woman beater

Well Gehana Vasisth is not yet done with the Bigg Boss contestants. According to Gehana, lots of people have approached her with complaints about the contestants and she is having a tough time verifying all those.

However, today Gehana Vasisth took to Twitter through her media account @GehanaV to reveal that Priyank Sharma is a woman beater.

Speaking to a news channel in Mumbai, Gehana said, “I cannot reveal the name of the woman, but a woman from Delhi who was closely associated with Priyank Sharma and also was in a relationship with him for a very short while told me that Priyank Sharma is a woman beater. I cannot call him a wife beater, because Priyank was not married to that woman, but yes, Priyank used to hit her and assault her in the short span that they were together. The woman claims she was in a relationship with Priyank Sharma for a few months and it was a one-sided affair. After about two weeks, I realized that Priyank Sharma was two-timing me and that he was also seeing another girl. But I was in love with him and I thought he would change. I kept up the relationship for about 4 months, but Priyank never changed. During these four months, he must have assaulted me at least 5 to 6 times,” the woman told Gehana Vasisth.

Bandgi Kalra’s boyfriend Dennis Nagpal finally reacted to the allegations she piled against him on the popular TV reality show, Bigg Boss. He denied he wanted to ‘share’ her with his friends or ever asked her to sleep with any of his friends and said that she is being manipulated by Puneesh Sharma on the show,  says Hindustan Times.

However, Gehana Vasisth has a different tale to tell. In an interview to ABP News on Monday, Gehana said: The truth is both Bandagi and Denis were using each other. Dennis is a user and he used Bandagi possibly to satisfy his carnal desires. On the other hand, Bandagi was very smart. She made sure that Dennis got her into the Bigg Boss 11 show – something she didnt deserve or was qualified for at all.

So how did Dennis Nagapl do this? Gehana Vasisth claimed in an interview to ABP News, that casting director and creative head Dennis Nagpal who has been associated with the auditions of Bigg Boss Season 11 has “cheated’ and “committed breach of trust” with several auditioness (prospective candidates who auditioned) and Bigg Boss 11 aspirants to favor Bandagi Kalra.

Explaining her allegations, Gehana Vasisth said:

“The auditions were being held at a college in Kandivili East and hundreds of aspiring youth auditioned. Among them were some girls who were known to Dennis Nagpal. Dennis asked the girls (including a transgender candidate who lives at Oshiwara) to attend the audition and personal interview or PI. Some of them who were shortlisted also attended the group discussion that followed the Personal Interview (PI). After the auditions, interviews and group discussions were over, Dennis Nagpal telephoned all the candidates and queried them as to what questions were asked and what they had to do. There were several candidates and Dennis Nagpal got the inputs and details from several female candidates as to the queries and questions asked during the PI and kind of interaction during the group discussion. He then sent his girl friend (or ex-girl friend) Bandagi Kalra for the interviews and auditions.”

After getting inputs from so many people, Bandagi Kalra had a certain distinct advantage over the other contestants, claims Gehana Vasisth. Dennis was sourcing information from all the other contestants who went in before Bandagi and then used all that information to help Bandagi get into the show. This is a clean and clear case of cheating, Gehana said adding:

“The transgender girl who is a make up artist by profession and lives at Oshiwara in suburban Mumbai is emotionally and mentally upset because of this act of cheating and breach of trust on the part of Dennis Nagpal who had promised to get her into Bigg Boss,” alleges Gehana Vasisth without disclosing the name of the transgender make up artist.

Gehana has also alleged that there is a big “group of friends” inside Bigg Boss – Priyank Sharma, Vikas Gupta, Puneesh, Bandagi Kalra and Dennis Nagpal are all known to each other and are part of a group of friends who have known each other for long. It is obvious that this group who had prior knowledge of each other’s presence in the Bigg Boss Reality Show has discussed and planned their action, much before the show began, she says.

Gehana Vasisth has claimed that several aspirants have contacted her over the past two weeks seeking her help. Some of them claim and allege that a couple of people in the Bigg Boss casting team demanded financial favors to get them selected or pushed from one stage to the other. If I start listing out all the complaints I have received, it’s gonna be a really long list. I do not have the time and energy to verify all the complaints, but if I presume that even 5 per cent of them are correct, I think the makers of Bigg Boss have a lot of work to do to clean up their shop.

However, in an interview to Bollywood Life, Dennis claims that Bandgi has done him wrong and called her accusations ‘ridiculous’. “It’s f*cking ridiculous. I don’t know how. The thing is if you don’t want to be with me, don’t deal with me, but why are you insulting me on national TV, and saying things that are not even true, ” he said.

Gehana sums up saying, today they are both blaming each other. But the truth is that Bandagi used Dennis to get into Bigg Boss and Dennis used Bandagi to prove he had a ‘prize catch’ among his friends.

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