Gauahar makes an empowering statement; supports Arshi

Gauahar Khan is back!

If the controversies inside the Bigg Boss house are not enough to entertain you then there is enough drama for you outside the TV sets too. Ex-winner, Gauahar Khan was one of the most opinionated contestants back in her season and her stand on particular issues remain firm till date.

While we have seen Gauahar voicing her thoughts on television and social media, she has also engaged in a verbal spat with a few ex-contestants in the past! However, do you think this will stop the iron lady?

Gauahar has a strong point to make that everyone will firmly agree to. The lady tweeted a poster which will make everyone think twice about passing an ill remark about Arshi’s sensational antics.

The Chokra Jawan girl not only suggested that beauty is a light that lies in the heart but also went all out to exclaim that Arshi rocks!

n the past episodes, the viewers have witnessed Hina taking a dig at Arshi’s dressing sense and her choice of going bold on cameras is also criticised.

We also know by now that Hina is anything but Gauahar’s favourite contestant and the latter’s tweet only makes us wonder if this is a direct blow to all the hypocrisy in the house!


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