Ex-Sanatan Sanstha seeker alleges “members hypnotized, made into killing machines and human bombs ready for mass murder or genocide”


A former member of the Sanatan Sanstha at Ponda in Goa, who has broken off all ties with the organisation after he claims he was allegedly “hypnotized, brain-washed and forced to donate all his wealth to the organisation for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra” spoke to IndiaScoops.com on condition of anonymity claiming that the organisation is using advanced hypnosis, mind conditioning and mind control techniques, similar to those used by cult outfits in the Western world as well as by certain rogue military setups to brain wash selected members who are shortlisted for ‘hit jobs’ so that the selected members do not develop cold feet later on.

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The former member Sanjay Rane (name changed on request) alleged that certain senior members in the organisation have mastered the art of complete mind control of human beings.

Speaking to IndiaScoops.com on phone from the interiors of Udipi where he is living under an assumed identity, Rane says he fears for his life, after two attempts were made by his former ‘friends’ to kill him.

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After his wife – a Goan Catholic from Margao, left him taking his two kids along, which he claims, shocked him out of his trance, that he alleges was imposed by a ‘master’ at the Sanatan ashram at Ponda, he is bidding his time to come out into the open and speak against the far-right ‘terrorist’ outfit. 

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He claims there were two attempts on his life while he was in Goa. Once a speeding truck tried to run him down and kill him and on another occasion about a month later, a car drove right into him at Ribandar. This is when he left Goa and went into hiding, he says.

He claims he was saved in the nick of time by divine intervention and now wants to expose the Sanatan Sanstha

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The Sanatan is training a team of 80-100 people for a sort of genocide. “They have a list of nearly 300 people pan-India who are deadly against them and want a ban on the Sanatan. They are all on the hit-list and a mercenary team is being brainwashed into eliminating the ‘enemy’, Rane revealed to IndiaScoops.com.

He claims the recently arrested persons including Vaibhav Raut, Sudhanva Gondhalekar, Sharad Kalaskar and former Shiv Sena corporator Shrikant Pangarkar and 5-7 others are part of this hit-team owing allegiance to the Sanatan Sanstha. Pangarkar had promised to raise Rs 25 lakh for buying weapons and explosives, Rane alleges.

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“They use drugs to instigate youth -different types of drugs which make people either hyperactive or angry and short-tempered. They have drugs which make people loose all feelings or emotion and become like zombies or even loose sensation. For example, if pricked with a pin or thrashed with a lathi, a drugged member would feel no pain at all. They use drugs to force members to subject themselves to their control,” Rane told IndiaScoops.com.

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First a member is given a lot of literature to read. He is shown films and video clips for 7-10 days continuously, which alters his perception leading him on the path of thinking that the Sanstha wants. He becomes more receptive to Sanatan ideology and starts hating the enemy with a fury.

Then there are meditation sessions and more chanting and repetition of mantras for a month and finally hypnosis for those selected for ‘big jobs’. If a member is found to be difficult and not malleable, he is fed drugs first in food and milk to ‘daze’ him, Rane said, explaining the mental conditioning technique used by the Sanstha. Such conditioning can last for six months to even two years.

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All members are offered ‘ayurvedic’ medicines which are passed off as natural health tonics.

In reality, these ‘health tonics’ have ingredients that are addictive and habit forming. The potency of the ‘tonic’ is altered as the member progresses in the ‘brain-washing’ phase.

Members selected for big jobs are instructed to take certain ‘potions’ or ‘medicines’, which are passed off as a chyawanprash to counter illness and infection and also chant certain mantras side by side. The combination results in the member loosing all sense of the outside world and single mindedly moving towards his assignment, which could be the murder of some ‘enemy’, Rane told IndiaScoops.com.

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“They hypnotize their subjects and brain wash them. The effects of the hypnosis can last for several years,” Rane alleged, adding that he was similarly brainwashed into handing over his entire wealth to the organisation, resulting in his divorce.

According to a Pune Mirror report dated Sep 9, 2016, the special investigating team (SIT) probing the Govind Pansare murder case had told the magistrate’s court in Kolhapur that during a raid at Sanatan Sanstha ashram, the police recovered some drugs, which have hypnotic effects once consumed.

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Rane alleges that the Sanatan uses several different types of drugs as well as in-house specially prepared ayurvedic drugs mixed with allopathic products to subdue ‘strong-willed members’ who may not immediately subject themselves to the ‘orders’ of the ‘hypnotist master’.

Steroids and other allopathic drugs like sleeping pills are mixed with honey and served in milk preparations, Rane alleged, claiming that this induces a sleep-like trance in the members.

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Rane’s allegations are supported by the earlier statements of rationalist Shyam Manav.

Hypnotism is the chief weapon of Sanatan Sanstha and if its activities are not checked in time, India will become Afghanistan, rationalist Shyam Manav had told news agency PTI two years ago.

Manav, whom the Sanatan had at that time, accused of having a hand in the killing of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar, rubbished the allegations, saying, “What would I have gained by killing him.”

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Manav also said Dr Jayant Athavale the founder of the Sanatan had carried out an experiment in hypnotism on him in 1989.

“These people (sadhaks of Sanatan) are trained in such a manner that they won’t share any information with you. Sanatan hypnotizes young people and makes them tread the evil path,” he said.

According to a Mid-day report, Manav says he was shocked when Arun Chaphekar, a magician, told him that Athavale would mesmerize people with chamatkars (divine tricks).

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“Chaphekar told me that Dr Athavale could vibrate a clock placed on a table. Incidentally, such clocks were available at a high price at shops that deal with magic equipment.”

Speaking of Athavale’s brand of hypnotism and speculations that he had used them to control sadhaks, Manav says, “People who are subjected to amnesia do not remember what they have done. This may be the reason that the police find it difficult to seek confessions from the suspects affiliated with the Sanstha. The sadhaks, when confronted, talk only of their dream of creating a divine world (or Hindu Rashtra).”

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Sanatan Sanstha had demanded Manav’s arrest over for his allegation that the right wing organisation was using hypnosis to create human bombs. Manav had alleged that Sanatan would brainwash people against rationalists and train and program them to kill the rationalists.

According to a 2016 report in The Pune Mirror, the special investigating team (SIT) probing the Govind Pansare murder case told the magistrate’s court in Kolhapur, that they have recovered drugs at the Panvel-based Sanatan Sanstha’s ashram, where the accused, Dr Virendra Tawde, would visit often.

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SIT believes that these drugs could have been used to hypnotize people given their neurological effects.

According to a report on the Sanatan Sanstha website: Few seekers staying in the Sanatan Ashram at Panvel are prescribed H and H 1 medicines to alleviate their mental distress. Even though this is a fact, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) claimed before the court that a ‘large stock of such medicines’ has been recovered.

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Certain sections from Paratpar Guru Dr Jayant Athavale’s book, Clinical Hypnosis, were quoted out of context claiming that ‘when these medicines are administered, the patient becomes ready to do anything’ and that ‘these medicines are used to hypnotize people’.

According to another report on Rediff.com, after the arrest of Sanatan Sanstha member Sameer Gaikwad allegedly for the murder of Communist leader Govind Pansare, five families accused the Sanatan Sanstha of brainwashing women members of their families and keeping them in its ashram forcefully.

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The Sanstha rebutted the charge and claimed the young women are willingly staying with the organisation.

Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (Committee for Eradication of Blind Faith) Chairperson Avinash Patil who took over the organisation after Dr Narendra Dabholkar was assassinated, allegedly by members of right-wing Hindu groups, affiliated to the Sanatan Sanstha and the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, told Rediff that hypnotism is a state of our mind.

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“A majority of people who are dependent on others and not strong willled need some kind of mental support. Whenever they face a crisis in life they cannot find solutions and they cannot do without the support of someone. People who have a dependent mentality can be hypnotized very easily and their minds can also be conditioned and controlled,” Patil said.

They are told to recite or write mantras on blank paper one lakh (100,000) times. When such people go to gurus and babas they get relief, they feel satisfied.

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This kind of satisfaction can be achieved by doing different things too, like a morning walk or yoga or aerobics or dance. More than hypnotizing I would say they do mental conditioning of the mind. This technique is used by the Sanatan Sanstha as their founder Dr Jayant Balaji Athavale is a psychiatrist, Patil had told Rediff.com.

The Sanatan Sanstha identifies people who are confused in life and do not have any clear idea of what to do, and targets them with their philosophy and mind control and conditioning techniques, to make them their slaves for life.

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