BJP President Amit Shah Drops National Flag, Tries to Hoist Tricolour Upside Down, Video Clip Goes Viral


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief, Amit Shah on Wednesday dropped the National flag of India, during the flag hoisting ceremony for the 72nd Independence Day function held at the party Head Quarters in New Delhi. The flag turned upside down, due to a technical error while it was being hoisted, resulting in a major embarrassment for the party.


While pulling the rope, a gaffe on part of Shah resulted in the flag being dropped to the ground, which Shah immediately rectified.

It also resulted in the flag getting turned upside down, with the green on the upper side and the saffron on the lower side.


The clip that was aired on the state broadcaster Doordarshan has gone viral on social media.

On Facebook the video has been shared thousands of times, claim media reports.

DD tweeted the clip, but deleted it soon after. By that time, hundreds of people had downloaded the video.

“Pin drop silence by DD News anchor/Commentator when Amit Shah dropped the National Flag while hoisting in BJP HQ. Oops I was Wrong. Someone in the Background uttered **Tcha Tcha Tcha Disaster**”, wrote one on a Facebook page known for scathing criticism of the BJP.

The Opposition Congress took a dig at Amit Shah regarding the incident and tweeted, “How will someone handle the country, when he can’t even handle the national flag properly?”


The Congress tweeted the video from its official Twitter handle of Shah trying to hoist the flag which was got out of his control.

The party took a swipe at the BJP after the tricolour at the saffron party’s headquarters fell on the ground when Amit Shah was unfurling it, questioning how they planned to manage the country when they cannot handle the national flag.

The Congress posted a video on its official Twitter handle in which the BJP chief is seen unfurling the flag, which falls down soon after he pulls the string. However, he immediately caught hold of the string and pulled the flag up.

The Congress tweeted, “Those who cannot handle the flag, how will they handle the country?”

“Those that give ‘certificates of patriotism’ to people, do not know the etiquettes of the national anthem’, the Congress added.

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