Bigg Boss 11: Hina shaves Priyank’s head; Benafsha nominated for three weeks

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 starts with Puneesh telling Hiten that the word ‘celebrity’ suits only him and no one else in this house as he is extremely sorted, unlike Hina, who he feels thinks no end of herself. He says Shilpa, too, does not appear to be a celebrity and although Shilpa gets annoyed a bit, she agrees she is a not a celebrity.

Later, when Priyank and Luv are working out in the garden area, Priyank tells Benafsha  to go and call Shilpa from the kitchen so that she could sit on Priyank’s back as he wants to have some weight while doing push ups. Akash is around and when he hears this, he says it was stupid to tell a woman to do something like this. Yet, Benafsha goes to Shilpa and gives Priyank’s message but she loses it and yells at Benafsha. Then, Priyank comes into the kitchen and explains that his intention was not wrong. He tells Shilpa that she is “her mom’s age” and this further angers her. Priyank apologises to her, but she does not accept. Hina also yells at Priyank and Benafsha and asks them how they could do this.

The contestants wake up to the song, ‘Oonchi Hai Building.’ Akash suddenly loses his cool over Vikas and Shilpa’s friendship as he thinks that they both faked their fight to get more screen time. He says he feels cheated and decides to be friends with everybody in the house. He apologizes to each and everyone in the house, and cuts his ties with Shilpa and tells her that she is not his ‘mom’ anymore, she is just Shilpa Shinde for him. Hina is the first person from the opposite team to show solidarity towards him and tells her gang that Akash was telling the truth. Hina also says that Shilpa is the biggest player in the house.

The nominations begin. A tower is built in the garden area, and a phone is kept at a table up there. Every time the phone rings, a contestant has to climb up and answer the call. First up is Hina, who is informed that she has been nominated since she picked the phone. However, she has a chance to save herself if Luv got ‘zero’ written on his forehead with mehendi. Luv, who is close to Hina instantly agrees and gets the tattoo done at the hands of Sapna. Bigg Boss announces that Hina is safe from nominations. Hina sheds tears for Luv and hugs him.

Akash is the next one to go. He is asked to get Hiten to shred the family photo that he got during Diwali with the help of a shredder that was given to them. Although Vikas tells Hiten not to do it since Akash has the immunity shield but Hiten completes that task and saves Akash, who touches Hiten’s feet after getting down from the tower. But we wonder why they are not using logic as rightly explained by Vikas.

Now it is Hiten’s turn to climb the tower, and he is asked by Bigg Boss to get Priyank to shave his head. Since Hiten had saved Priyank by nominating himself a few weeks ago, it is payback time for Priyank, who decides to sacrifice his hair. Hina saves his head off with the trimmer. While she is doing it, Shilpa and Arshi make fun of Priyank and Luv saying that one bouncer had ‘Zero’ written on his forehead and the other had become bald. Hina gets angry and tells them they have no emotions. Shilpa tells Arshi that Priyank is pretending to be nice by shaving his head.

Even Vikas feels that Priyank should not have shaved his head as there was no chance of Hiten getting evicted from the show. Vikas also says that Priyank has a show after Bigg Boss 11. But Hina does not like this and tells him that he should have told him this while he was getting his head shaved. They both get into an argument.

Priyank is asked to answer the phone and in order to save himself, he has to get Benafsha to nominate herself for three weeks. She tells that he will not get a friend like her and hence, nominates herself. Priyank asks her not to as even if he gets saved this week, Benafsha will have that baggage for three weeks. Even Vikas goes up to her and tells her that Priyank will not be evicted and that she was in a danger zone, but she nominates herself and saves him.

Shilpa is called up on the tower but she is informed that the first leg of the nominations have come to an end and she will have to come up again in the morning when the telephone rings. She does not inform the same to the contestants and starts climbing down with a straight face. They all panic and stop her but she reveals it was a prank. Soon after, Akash meets Shilpa in private and tells her that him losing his cool on her and Vikas was fake as he wanted to get close to the contestants from the opposite team who include Hina, Priyank, Luv and Benafsha.


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