Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra demands a break-up with Puneesh Sharma!

The Bigg Boss’ glass walled mansion has literally got everyone surprised this season! The daily dose of controversy for the audience is being served by the show! There are fights and arguments galore in the controversial house of Bigg Boss 11.

but amidst all the hullabaloo and cat fights and flying chappals and expletives there are two people who are nothing less than love birds in the show. Their love didn’t bother about the cameras and the audiences could spot them canoodling under the bedsheets almost every night.

Wellm, no prizes for guessing, we are talking about Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra.

They are the only couple in the house. And never hesitate in expressing their love for each other in front of everyone. They were even heard discussing about the future of their relationship. And were also seen making out under the blanket and getting locked inside the washroom together after midnight.

Even after Salman Khan, the host of the show warned them saying that they are on the national television, they couldn’t let their bodily fire allay and we saw them getting too intimate with each other.

We also saw how Puneesh got angry in this week’s luxury budget task when Bandgi had started crying because of the torture. And we do not blame him. Because the task is such that it can even make Hiten Tejwani lose his calm.

However, we at TellyChakkar just got the shock of our life when we happened to see one of the latest videos shared by the makers of Bigg Boss, in the video, we see Bandgi is demanding a break-up from Puneesh. She is heard saying that everyone in the house has got a problem with their relationship. And hence it is better for the two of them to end it. While it is quite evident from her tone that she is just kidding, Puneesh also agrees to call it quits.

Further the two of them can be seen having a good time with each other, where Puneesh is teasing Bandgi. They even call Vikas Gupta and joke with him.


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