Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan is leaving no chance to flirt with Hiten Tejwani

Bigg Boss season 11 has undoubtedly charted itself amongst the most entertaining shows with all the controversies and fight that go in the show. But more than any of this, there’s one person who can easily be thanked or let’s just say blamed for the extra drama going on in the show – it’s everyone’s favourite candidate Arshi Khan. Arshi has been quiet shameless and open in declaring her love for Hiten Tejwani on the show which no more looks cute and has often annoyed Hiten. The Bigg Boss house has even seen many fights happening cause of her flirting, recently when Hina and Priyank had some harsh comments to say about her in the courtroom set up. Whatever said and done, Arshi still manages to turn it all around into something funny.

Taking her lusty love to another level, we have now got our hands on this unseen video where after the luxury task fight, Arshi is seen telling Vikas that she wants to speak to Hiten. Following which, Vikas escorted her to the garden area and told Hiten that Arshi wants to speak to him. In the video, Arshi is seen saying, “Suno Pati, chalo sula kar lete hai.”, post which Hiten tells Vikas that he is not interested in speaking to her. Hiten later also told Arshi that as contestants we all should play the game properly and stay in our limits.

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