Bigg Boss 11: 5 times Arshi Khan made us Laugh Out Loud

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan has been in the news ever since the new season’s pilot aired on TV. Her fights, and controversies has been the topic of several debates. Some might agree, and some not so much, but Arshi is one funny lady. Yes, she tends to go overboard, but Arshi has had her moments on the show.

Arshi’s revelation about her grandfather

Remember that one episode where she spilled the beans about her grandfather, who had 18 wives? And remember the way she said those lines?

“Hamare dada toh Bhopal mein Mashoor the iske liye. Unki 18 biwiyaan thi, aur pata nahi aur kitne log the. Pure tharki the woh.”

(My grandfather was quite horny. He had 18 wives, and God knows how many mistresses!)

Everytime she calls Hina Khan Aapa

Hina and Arshi have had rough weeks on the show. As viewers know, they have never gotten along in the house. While Hina has made several comments about Arshi’s class and has repeatedly body-shamed her, Arshi has now resorted to calling her Aapa (an older sister). And the way she says that word is enough to make one clutch his/her side with laughter.

Arshi’s flirty banter with host Salman Khan

No one messes with the bhai. No one can even think of committing this sin from the Bigg Boss house. Except Arshi Khan. Her namastes to Salman, and her flirty exchange with the bhai is quite fun to watch.

When she gave up her nighties for Vikas while revealing this ‘fact’ in last night’s episode

Arshi gave up her nighties to save Vikas from nominations in last night’s episode. But not before revealing with a laugh that her nighties were old, and that she was anyway going to buy new sets of night dress.”Aise bhi puraane ho gaye the.” (They were old anyway.)

Arshi’s laugh

And the best part about Arshi Khan’s humour is, well, her laugh. Have you seen her laugh? Her thick strand of hair over her face, the head turned to one side, and that infectious tinkle of a laughter?

Keep them coming, Arshi.


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