Avoid nobroker.in at all cost: Fraud company will only swindle you off registration fee and collect your data

I registered with nobroker.in to find a shared accommodation in Mumbai western suburbs. When I checked the listings, they showed me several shared listings in the Andheri to Malad, but they would not let me contact the owner. For that, I had to sign up. I promptly signed up after submitting my phone no and email id and the mobile phone verification OTP came within seconds. Even the email verification link was immediate. However, about 10 hours have passed and I am still waiting for nobroker.in to send me the contact details of the owners offering shared accommodation or PG facilities in the western suburbs of Mumbai. They cannot claim that their servers are down or systems not working, because both the mobile verification OTP and the email verification link came immediately. They verified my data and now have not sent me even a single contact number of shared acco or PG service. From this I have concluded that nobroker.in only collects user data – mobile no and email ids – by putting up fake advertisements – and sells the data later on. 

Beware of this fraud company… there are several more complaints on other consumer sites….which I will repost later on

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  1. Here is one more post on frauds by nobroker.in

    Abetment in Fraud by Nobroker — part 2

    This post is a continuation of my post on 5th July titled “Abetment in Fraud by Nobroker”.
    Below is a blow by blow update for those that are following this case as it unfolds.
    5th July 2017: Finally, received a call from NoBroker, soon after my first post went live. The representative tried to explain that all that NoBroker promises is that there would be no brokerage charged (Right, the fee I paid them is called ‘Money Back Guarantee Plan’, not Brokerage!). He had no answer when I asked him about their claims of putting users in touch with owners directly. He said NoBroker would try to help me. When I asked how exactly, he just tried to hush me up by saying they would put in their best efforts and call back when they had an update. All the more this guy even had the temerity to ask me for a copy of the FIR I had filed against them.

    6th July 2017: Received another call from NoBroker. The representative wanted to understand the role of the real owner in the whole transaction. I shared Prashant’s number. Am not sure if NoBroker intends to take any steps to fix the situation or just pass on the blame to the real owner.
    A surprising update : The imposter transferred 20K in two installments to my account. Now my net loss is a little over 1.5 lakhs (excluding the ~80K increase in annual rent).

    7th July 2017: Received another call from NoBroker. They still do not have any update for me. For the first time, the representative admitted that there was a miss from NoBroker’s end! He has asked me to set up a call with the real owner. Wonder how they call this “helping” if all they do is delegate everything back to me and wonder what they did all of the last 24 hours since I shared the contact. If I had all the time in the world to be doing background verifications, would I be paying Rs 5999 for their services? At this point, I am seething with rage at their unprofessionalism and lack of consideration for a paying customer whose life they’ve turned upside down.

    In all of the interactions with NoBroker, what stands out is their abject lack of transparency and respect for my privacy, shutting me down every time I enquired what action they were going to take. This is similar to what I faced when I first notified my RM of the fraud, when he told me that the impostor had gone through the requisite background checks before his listing was made active on NoBroker. Upon my asking what checks these were, he just stonewalled.

    It turns out that the impostor posing as the landlord is a criminal who has been reported against on a transaction on NoBroker that went bad around 6 months back. Looks like NoBroker background verification team chooses to ignore such petty things and twiddle their thumbs while making merry on fresh VC money. All the best counting your days that are surely numbered.

  2. Rushita Samavedam (as posted on Quora)

    Try avoiding Nobroker to find rental accommodation as the company is run by immature and unprofessional goons who do not understand the meaning of “customer first”. It was appalling to see how the StayEasy team head tried to sort a customer issue by merely asking the customer to go file a case against them and troll/complain on social media portals. Also, instead of addressing the issue, the head tried to throw his weight around the customer by enacting a dramatic “I will fire this employee, if you want” scene. This one was not enough, the signed contract papers were not given to the customer and they tried bullying based on false complaint and without having any fact/proof checked.

    Its shocking to note that a start-up that’s funded by SAIF Partners and Fulcrum Ventures has stooped to such low levels where they hire unruly employees who in-turn question the character of customer instead of trying to solve the issue in a matured manner. Imagine, asking a single woman to vacate the StayEasy premise in 48 hours without breaking any hardhitting rules. The only issue the customer had was about the flatmates having the opposite sex stay over, when it was against the strict rule laid by Nobroker. When the customer was asked to vacate, the team could have atleast had the courtesy to personally call and explain the situation rather than just shooting a blunt mail. Hello? Whatever happened to customer experience with class? Well it was “Crass” in Nobroker’s case and I don’t recommend Nobroker at all.

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