Are Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota faking a relationship for Bigg Boss: Aneesha Singh Sharma reveals all the inside details


Model and aspiring singer Aneesha Singh Sharma has revealed that Bhajan King Anup Jalota and his so-called girl-friend or lady-love singer Jasleen Matharu are faking their relationship for Bigg Boss, after the makers of the show insisted on the two announcing their ‘affair’ right at the start.

In an exclusive interview to, Aneesha revealed that she was present on two occasions when the discussion took place between the Bhajan King and Matharu.

“The makers of the show had a condition that the duo would be introduced as lovers. This was to increase the TRPs of the first few episodes, as the other contestants lacked mass appeal. There were heated arguments between the two, as both of them had differing views on the subject. While discussing the pros and cons of going public over their unconventional relationship, Jasleen was of the view that they should not disclose their relationship initially and only introduce themselves as ‘guru’ and ‘student’,” she told

According to Aneesha, “after a couple of weeks, they would pretend that they found love, while on the show and got close after been locked up in the Bigg Boss house. It would be a perfect alibi and excuse for their relationship and Jasleen was of the opinion that the duo would not face any negativity or backlash from the conservationists. But the channel was not convinced. Finally it was decided that both of them would throw caution to the winds and openly declare their love for each other on the show,” Aneesha revealed to

Meanwhile, Aneesha has alleged Jalota threatened to kill her if she went to the cops about their relationship. She has submitted a written complaint through her lawyer to the cops. The police are investigating the matter and have sent letters to Jalota’s residence and even to the Bigg Boss house, asking the Bhajan maestro to join the investigation and appear before the investigating officer in person to record his statement (Read Here).

The aspiring singer and model has had a controversial past. She was in the news months ago, when her intimate images were leaked by a fake casting director who allegedly claimed to be a film director and producer (Read Here). She was the talk of the town on social media when her n*de images went viral on Facebook (See pics here).

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