After Aneesha Singh Sharma, Classical Singer Razia Nair Rao accuses Anup Jalota of hitting on her


When put out on Twitter a bounty of Rs 2 lakh for women reporting Bhajan King Anup Jalota’s philandering ways, we never expected that within 24 hours we would get a woman coming forward to report her experiences with the king of devotional music in India. Here is the bounty notice on Twitter which was put up yesterday:


A Mumbai-based singer and model Razia Nair Rao told that Anup Jalota was hitting on her when she was learning Indian classical music in Mumbai about 3 years ago.

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“He used to send me dozens of Whats App messages every day. He even invited me to his house to have sex with him and promised to get me a role as a playback singer in a big production house owned by a Bollywood star in Mumbai. He was adamant and very persistent. But I moved to the south (Hyderabad) and changed my mobile number. That is when the messages and calls stopped, ” Razia told

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She has alleged that about 10 girls or women had complained in the last two years and accused Anup Jalota of “acting fresh” with them. Razia was in the news a couple of months ago, when her bikini, bedroom and nude pictures got leaked on social media, the victim model alleged in a written complaint to the Mumbai police.

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The images which were leaked by her ex-boyfriend who is also part of the Bollywood circuit, had gone viral on social media, the model claimed in her written police complaint, a copy of which is with

Speaking to, the actress Razia Nair Rao had accused her ex-boyfriend who is a well-known TV actor of leaking her nude pix on social media. The leaked pix can be viewed here.

A local BJP leader from Panvel who is also a developer and builder was arrested under rape charges when Razia alleged he molested and sexually abused her while she was attached with a fashion institute run by him.  (Read Here)

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